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evPons   $3,000 Treasure Hunt for 2020!
Pirate Chest
Sunday's Clues
Monday's Clues
Tuesday's Clues
Wednesday's Clues
Thursday's Clues
Friday's Clues
Saturday's Clues
Top 10 Pirates (Examples Only)
1) John J.
2) Chris M.
3) Denis K.
4) Samantha K.
5) David M.
6) Tim B.
7) Lauren K.
8) Sarah H.
9) Jae Dene D.
10) Bob S.
Winners will be notified and the Top 10 Pirates posted each Sunday at noon.
The Hunt: this is a (NO COST to PLAY) weekly game with clues posted daily at 10am est, so be sure to play each day!

Use the daily entry form to answer daily clues to win $20.00 cash rebates at all Dearborn sponsors businesses. Clues are available at 10am est each day. The weekly game ends each Saturday at 12:00pm est. Three (3) players' entries with all correct answers will be selected to WIN!

You can also contact us at: with any questions or feedback.